February 2014

Welcome to February & a wet & windy start.

Tis Monday Morning - a high spring tide & high wind leads to flooding in Looe & Seaton. But folk here are used to it & deal with it quickly & with no outside help.

This month is the time to set your plans in place for your next holiday & a good plan is to visit when there is  a local event on so that you can enjoy that. After Whit the evnts come thick and fast from Spring Flower shows - Steam Rallys - Concerts at Eden - & the big Agricultural Shows.

I will post a month by month guide to inform you of whats on in SE Cornwall.



Bit of a windy night last night & high spring tides so flooding on the coast & some big waves for the surfers. Check out Looe www.looe.co.uk/webcam/webcam.htm


Well another Atlantic storm expected to hit us this weekend. As we are having high tieds the onshore wind raises the water level & we get coastal flooding. Looe is used to & is back in business as soon as the tide goes out.

Tim Alsop the fish merchant is well on target to open his new Restaurant under the Hannafore Hotel. We can expect the best of looe Day Caught Fish at affordable prices. Really looking forward to it.

THURSDAY 27 February  A bright start to the day. The new Fish Kitchen restaurant & bar at Hannafore opens net Wednesday - looking foward to it. Work on the Tanner Bros new eaterie is going well - look out for opening date.

Everything back to normal in S E Cornwall after wind & spring tides cause local flooding and damage on the coast. This area is not subject to long term river flooding. Long Term forecast is warmer than average - so come down & enjoy lovely Cornwall.

A lovely sunny start to the week. No big storms over the weekend a bit windy  but no really high tides - so Looe is open for business & prepping now for Half Term.  Some great bargains here in June & July - dont miss out.






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