March 2011

Good morning from Badham in South East Cornwall.

Today is 3 March 2011. It is bright and sunny - clear blue sky. Snow drops flowering all over the hedgrows and the yellow primroses ppushing through. The daffodils are sprouting fast and a few already in flower. We love spring here. shortly I will post some pictures.  If you want to come dowm - we still have cottages for Easte and we would love to see you. Dont forget to catch up with us on Facebook as well..


Today is Friday 4th March 2011.  A lovely clear blue sky & sunny day & forecast fine for the weekend. 2 sets guests in place - 2 arriving today & 1 large family party for tomorrow. Glad they will have a nice weekend.After a short sharp frost this morning - it is warming up nicely.


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