March 2016

Good Morning,

Its Wednesday 30th  March 2016.  Change in the weather - warmer dryer brighter.Blue sky & very warm today.

Welcome to our Blog Page. Everything Open now all gardens - atractions - Sunday Tarin on Looe Valley Line.

Want to book ?  Check Availability

 If you like fishing check out ;  Fishing

New for 2016. All big cottages now have BIG flat screen TV's compatible with all inputs from games consoles - computers etc. Some cottages have extra flat screen TV's for games consoles etc.

We now have Superfast Broadband in all Cottages.  No download limits - no extra charges !

A lot for your money with no extra charges for line towels Wifi electric etc.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NO LONGER HAVE OUR LITTLE SHOP - as all the Supermarkets now deliver here except Morrisons.


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